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Find below a list of all templates available in the Procurement Manual Toolbox
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Delegation of Financial and Administrative Authority template PT.02.01 
ERP Supplier Registration PT.03.01 
Vendor Eligibility Policy PT.03.02 
Joint Geneva Sanctions Board PT.03.03 
Requisition Plan PT.04.01 
Guidelines for preparation of technical specifications PT.04.02 
Guidelines for preparation of Terms of Reference (TOR) PT.04.03 
Guidelines for preparation of Statement of Works (SOW) PT.04.04 
Acquisition Plan PT.04.05 
Expression of Interest PT.05.01 
Sourcing checklist PT.05.02 
Request for Proposals PT.06.01 
RFP Cover letter PT.06.01a 
RFP Acknowledgement form PT.06.01b 
RFP Confidentiality Undertaking form PT.06.01c 
RFP Proposal Submission form PT.06.01d 
RFP Proposal Completeness form PT.06.01e 
Request for Quotation (RFQ) Goods PT.06.02a 
Request for Quotation (RFQ) Services PT.06.02b 
Invitation to Bid (ITB) form Option 1 PT.06.03a 
Invitation to Bid (ITB) form Option 2 PT.06.03b 
Bid/Proposal Security form PT.06.04 
UN Supplier Code of Conduct PT.06.05 
UN Supplier Code of Conduct December 2017 PT.06.05 
Bid – Complaints Procedure PT.06.06 
Additional guidance on the one- or two-envelope system and cumulative analysis PT.06.07 
Request for Proposals eTendering PT.06.08 
Bid Opening Report - Technical PT.07.01 
Bid Opening Report - Financial PT.07.02 
Confidentiality - No Conflict of Interest Affidavit – member/observer PT.08.01 
Adjudication Report PT.08.02 
Technical Evaluation Template Model A PT.08.03a 
Technical Evaluation Template Model B PT.08.03b 
Analysis and Comparison of Financial Offers PT.08.04 
PRC Submission Form Commercial Contracts PT.09.01 
PRC Submission Form Non-Commercial Contracts PT.09.02 
PRC Meeting Minutes PT.09.03 
PRC Decision Note PT.09.04 
CRC Submission Form PT.09.05 
Agreement for Performance of Work (APW) template PT.10.02 
Letter of Agreement (LOA) template PT.10.03 
Sample amendment and termination letters for APW (4) PT.10.04 
Copyright clauses for LOAs, APWs and PFAs PT.10.05 
Bank guarantee for advance payment PT.10.06 
Performance bank guarantee PT.10.07 
Long Term Agreement (LTA) template PT.10.08 
Long Term Agreement Information Sheet PT.10.09 
Adjudication Report when using Long Term Agreement (LTA) PT.10.10 
Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) – guidelines on establishment and use PT.10.11 
Procurement Clearance template PT.12.01 
Supplier/contractor performance evaluation and contract/PO close-out form PT.13.01 
Payment request form PT.13.02 
Risk and risk management in the procurement process PT.15.01 
Disposal Request Form PT.16.01 
Definition of Useful Life of Recognized Assets and Attractive Items Pt.16.02 
Conventions on physical location, asset tags and asset label location PT.16.03 
Donation template form PT.16.04 
Sale of equipment and furniture sample PT.16.05 
UNAIDS Security Incident report PT.16.06 
Receive and inspection report – RIR PT.16.07 
PFA template for a financial contribution to a technical project PT.17.01 
PFA template for meetings without co-sponsorship PT.17.02 
PFA template for meetings with co-sponsorship PT.17.03 
Guideline on preparation of a project document for PFA PT.17.04 
Checklist for PFA Contracting and Partner Capacity Assessment PT.17.05 
Progress Report to be Submitted under Non-Commercial Contracts by contractor PT.17.06a 
Clearance of Progress Report for Non-Commercial Contracts PT.17.06b 
UNAIDS Financial Report PT.17.07 
UNAIDS Financial Report Checklist PT.17.08 
Final report to be submitted under Non-Commercial Contracts PT.17.09a 
Clearance of Final report for Non-Commercial Contracts PT.17.09b 
Sample of Amendment to PFA to extend the duration of the agreement PT.17.10 
Sample of Amendment to PFA to change the objectives/activities/funding PT.17.11 
Sample of Termination of PFA PT.17.12 
UN to UN Contribution Agreement template PT.17.13 
UN to UN Agreement additional UNDG Guidance PT.17.14 
DFC template PT.17.15 
DFC detailed instructions PT.17.16 
DFC Face form PT.17.17 
Showing 81 items