09.07 Decisions and recommendations

Upon review of submissions, the PRC may:
  • approve the submission without comments
  • approve the submission with comments
  • defer the submission for further consideration after additional information is received
  • reject the submission.
The PRC decision is initially shared with submitting officers in the meeting minutes, and it is formalized in a decision note signed both by the PRC Chair (or Vice-Chair) attending the review and by the PRC Coordinator.

The PRC decision note is only signed after the PRC clears any clarification or changes requested in the minutes. It represents the final decision of the PRC.

PRC minutes and recommendations will be made by consensus or simple majority vote by members present at the meeting. If votes are equally divided, the Chair will have the deciding vote. Any dissenting opinion shall be recorded in the minutes.

As per section 2.4 Procurement authority, the UNAIDS Executive Director may decide to overrule a decision on a case-by-case basis. In such an instance, the UNAIDS Executive Director will record in writing the reasons for overruling a decision.