09.03 PRC review process

The Global and Regional Review Committees meet at least once a month according to a predefined yearly calendar published on the UNAIDS intranet.

Global and Regional PRC members can convene for email or ad hoc review upon clearance of the Chair, depending on the urgency of the review (which must be justified in the submission form). All requests for email or ad hoc review must be sent to the PRC Coordinator and cleared by the Chair.

The following process is established for both Global and Regional PRC.
  • Submissions must be signed and complete (with all relevant annexes and supporting documents) before being sent to the PRC Coordinator. 
  • All submissions scheduled for review must be acknowledged and assigned a case number.
  • The PRC Coordinator will review the submissions and, when necessary, request additional information or supporting documents ahead of the meeting.
  • The PRC Coordinator will invite the members to the meeting at least five working days ahead of the date the meeting is due to take place. In case a quorum is not established, alternates will be invited to attend.
  • The PRC Coordinator will make the submissions available to confirmed PRC attendees at least four working days ahead of the meeting.
  • During the day of the meeting, submitting officers must be available—either in person or by teleconference—to answer any questions or clarification from the PRC.
  • The PRC will release minutes of the meeting for information and action from submitting officers no more than three working days after the meeting.
  • The PRC will release all signed decision notes no more than four working days after the meeting (if no clarifications are required). In case of clarifications, PRC will release a signed decision note no more than two days after the PRC’s clearance of the clarifications.