08.02 Evaluation committees

Technical evaluation team

The task of the technical evaluation team is to ensure that the suppliers and their offers satisfy the requirements of the solicitation documents. It also must evaluate the offers according to the predefined evaluation criteria.

Technical evaluations shall be conducted by a team of at least three people. At least one member should be external to the unit conducting the procurement action, and one member should be from the unit requesting the procurement action (preferably with expertise in the subject matter). 

The technical team evaluation may include members external to UNAIDS or observers. External members and observers must sign the relevant confidentiality form, and UNAIDS staff must form the majority of the technical evaluation team.

Technical evaluation team members who believe they have a potential conflict of interest related to the procurement action must ask to be replaced. Please refer to section 1.5 Ethical standards.  

Financial evaluation

In the case of RFP, the separate financial evaluation is conducted directly by the staff conducting procurement using the methodology described in the tendering documents. 
Members of the technical evaluation panel can be informed of the results of the financial evaluation.