08.10 Recommendation

Following the technical and financial evaluation, the staff conducting the procurement must draft a recommendation to award a contract based on the result of the evaluations reflected in the technical and financial evaluation reports.

The recommendation requires the drafting of an adjudication report which, in a predefined format, contains the description of the process and the basis for the recommendation. 

The valid offers received must be included as attachments to the recommendation, as must a comparative table for the selection, cleared by the appropriate authority (depending on the commodity to be procured).

Depending on the amount of the procurement (and accumulated amounts from previous contracts), the signed recommendation and its annexes must be submitted to the appropriate approval authority.

Prior to submitting the recommendation, staff conducting procurement must verify that the proposed supplier is eligible to receive a contract from the United Nations and has not been declared ineligible by UNAIDS (or any other UN agency) under the Vendor Ineligibility Framework. 

If the recommendation is to not endorse the awarding of any contract, the reasons must be documented in the recommendation and kept in the procurement file. A copy of the recommendation needs to be sent to the Procurement Coordinator to close the RFP/ITB process and advise bidders of the decision.