07.04 Opening and recording of submissions

Submissions received for small-value procurement and Request for Quotations (RFQ) must be recorded by the staff member conducting procurement in a note for the procurement file. There is no requirement for a formal opening of bids.

Submissions received for an ITB or RFP must be opened by a committee composed of a representative from the Financial, Risk Management and Compliance Division, a representative from Procurement and a representative of the Requestor.

In cases of solicitation processes potentially exceeding US$ 100 000, a public bid opening must be conducted. Bidders—or their representatives—are allowed to participate provided they have previously declared their intention to attend (as indicated in the solicitation documents).

During the opening, all names of the bidders will be announced and the submissions verified for compliance with formal criteria; any proposal not compliant with the instructions provided in the solicitation documents can be rejected during the opening. 

In the case of an ITB, both the name of the bidder and the total amount of the offer will be read.

In the case of an RFP, there will be two opening events. The first will be for the technical proposals, during which the financial offer will remain sealed. A second opening for the financial proposals will follow for those offers deemed technically qualified. Public attendance is only allowed for the opening of the technical bids.

Minutes of the opening meeting must be recorded and signed by the members of the committee. Minutes of the technical opening can be shared, upon request, with those bidders that submitted a valid bid. When there is no public bid opening, the minutes will not be shared.