05.03 Advertisement/Request for Expression of Interest

A Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) is a notice that provides general information on the requirements for services, goods or works of upcoming solicitations. It does not commit UNAIDS to procuring the services or products described.

UNAIDS can use an EOI to request information from potential suppliers prior to beginning a formal tendering process.

Responses from suppliers to an EOI do not lead to pre-qualification or short-listing for a tendering process unless explicitly indicated in the EOI (and after clearance from Procurement Coordinator).

Expressions of Interest then can be used to inform the solicitation process that could follow.

Suppliers responding to an EOI must be notified in writing (usually email) at the time of tendering of any Request for Proposals (RFP) or Invitation to Bid (ITB) that has resulted from the EOI, or if UNAIDS has decided not pursue the process.

The EOI must be advertised, at minimum, on the UNAIDS website and the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM). Requests for advertising on UNGM must be routed through the Procurement Coordinator.