04.02 Requirements definition

The definition of requirements is one of the most important steps in procurement. It describes the needs, specifications and minimum requirements that would satisfy the need of the organization.
It is the responsibility of the Requestor to define (in writing) the specifications and requirements for the procurement action. 

Staff conducting procurement and/or the Procurement Coordinator can provide support in ensuring proper specifications and requirements are developed. For very technical needs, support from external experts can be sought in defining the requirements.

Specifications and requirements must clearly define the needs of the organization and establish the minimum desirable attributes of the goods or services that have been requested.

Special attention must be given to the development of appropriate specifications or Terms of Reference for the individual procurement action, avoiding over- or under-specification. Detailed guidance is provided in the “Relevant templates” section at the end of this chapter.

Procurement of works is not discussed in detail in this manual. Contracts for works should be handled by a competent agency on behalf of UNAIDS, or in close consultation with the HQ Procurement Coordinator. Procurement of works typically involves both a goods and a services component, usually with an element of engineering (civil or otherwise) defining the full requirements.

The Requestor should consult with the Procurement Coordinator when the management of small works by UNAIDS is required (e.g. information technology, small security enhancements or construction).

Any information technology component also needs the clearance of ITAG (IT Advisory Group).