03.03 Vendor eligibility

UNAIDS has implemented the Model Policy Framework (MPF) approved by the High Level Committee on Management (HLCM) which seeks to align practices on vendor sanctions in agencies of the United Nations System.

All vendors awarded contracts need to be validated for eligibility against the list of vendors sanctioned by UN agencies that have implemented this policy.

Access to the list is available in the “Procurement” section of UNAIDS intranet.

Vendors found to be ineligible by the UNAIDS Sanctions board (performed by the Joint Geneva Sanctions Board as described in the Relevant templates section and/or on the UN Ineligibility List that is hosted by the United Nations Global Market Place (UNGM) cannot be awarded a contract without first obtaining an exception from the UNAIDS Sanctions Board.  

The validation of vendor eligibility will be performed when tender documents, technical evaluations of offers and the recommendation for award are distributed. This will ensure that a contract is issued only to eligible vendors.