19. UNAIDS Glossary

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adjudication report

The submission seeking approval for the issuance of a commercial contract for any procurement action . Prepared by staff conducting procurement.


delivering as one

Initiative started by the Secretary-General to make the UN system more coherent, effective and efficient. It is based on four principles: One leader, one budget, one programme and one office.


Daily subsistence allowance. A daily allowance to cover lodging, meals and incidentals during duty or statutory travel. Also known as per diem.



The person or technical unit responsible for formulating the procurement requirement. Also responsible for ensuring that procured item or service is fully and appropriately used.


Enterprise resource planning. A human resources, programme and financial management software. WHO and UNAIDS use an Oracle ERP system. It is referred to internally as ERP by UNAIDS and as GSM by WHO.


Recognized actual costs that represent the costs of goods or services that have been delivered. Expenditure is not necessarily paid.


validity period

The period of time for which an offer will remain open for the consideration and acceptance of the contract authority.