17.03 UN Agency to UN Agency Contribution Agreement (UN to UN)

This agreement is applicable in cases where UNAIDS collaborates with a Cosponsor or another UN agency, and transfers resources to the other UN agency for specific activities. 

At country level, this would normally be as part of a Joint Programme of Support or other cooperative framework. Under such an arrangement, UNAIDS (Country Office, RST, Liaison Office or HQ Division) is accountable as the “contributing agency” for monitoring and reporting on results and expenditures to a donor and/or the UBRAF. The other UN organization is accountable to UNAIDS as the “recipient agency”.

The standard template approved by the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) has been tailored for use by UNAIDS (PT.17.13 UN to UN Contribution Agreement), and additional UNDG guidance can be found in PT.17.14 UN to UN Agreement additional UNDG Guidance.  

For transfers to WHO, special provisions apply since no bank transfer is made. Once an agreement is signed, funds are transferred though an expenditure batch (PT.17.12 UN to UN Contribution Agreement template, section E).

Payment schedules

For contracts with duration of less than one year and for less than US$ 100,000, 100% advance may be authorized.

For contracts with duration of less than one year and for US$ 100,000 or more, a maximum of 80% as advance payment may be authorized. The remaining 20% will be paid subject to receipt of a financial statement signed by the counterpart’s responsible financial officer that shows a minimum of 70% of the total amount has already been disbursed.

For agreements with duration of less than one year and upon termination of the agreement and following the submission of the final certified financial statement, any unspent balance of the contribution (where the unspent funds exceed US$ 1,000) will be returned unless otherwise agreed in writing by the two agencies.

For agreements with duration of one year and more the contribution will be paid in instalments according to an agreed payment schedule linked to deliverables. A minimum of 10% of the total amount of the contract must be scheduled as the last payment.

Technical and financial reporting 

During the implementation of activities, the implementing partner needs to submit technical and financial reports in a timely manner as set out in the agreement.

The financial report needs to match the approved budget. It should be presented accompanied with the UN agency’s financial statement for the project. Financial reports are required to be signed by the implementing partner's authorized official with the adequate financial authority.