12.01 Overview

Procurement of goods in UNAIDS is primarily conducted by the different technical divisions, and it is included as part of each division’s work plan.

The specific requirements of certain commodities are outlined below.

IT and communication equipment

  • The Technology and Innovation (IT) Department provides authoritative guidance on the specifications of computer and communications equipment. IT clearance is required before drafting the specifications for the solicitation documents.
  • IT has set up global Long Term Agreements that can be used by divisions to source their requirements. 
  • Computer equipment must be purchased with a warranty of no less than three years, and with a supply of spare parts and maintenance assured.
IT Projects and Systems
  • The Technology and Innovation (IT) Department must be consulted before any action is taken. The IT Department in consultation with the IT Advisory Group (ITAG) maintains an overview of the different ongoing projects and provides reports on projects to the IT Governance Committee. The IT department provides an initial project assessment to ensure appropriate use of UNAIDS financial resources, avoid duplication of efforts and guarantee that all IT projects are effectively coordinated.


  • Clearance of procurement of vehicles is centralized with the Procurement Coordinator in HQ, and clearance must be obtained prior to any procurement action being initiated.
  • Procurement of vehicles can only proceed once disposal for the previous vehicle has been approved. Only one vehicle per official driver in each office is authorized.
  • Preference is given to the use of UN-negotiated Long Term Agreements for the procurement of UNAIDS’ standardized vehicles.
  • Furniture for UNAIDS’ premises should exhibit the overarching goal of the value-for-money principle. As such, it should reflect an adequate balance of quality/price, with no display of luxury, and it should be comparable with other UN entities in the country.
  • Purchase of furniture must be in line with the number of staff in each country, and it is subject to clearance by the Procurement Coordinator.
  • Preference is given to local purchase in an effort to minimize the overall costs.
  • Purchase of furniture must be conducted only after the disposal of existing furniture has been approved.

Security equipment

  • Equipment and consumables procured to comply with MOSS and MORSS is subject to clearance from the Security Focal Point in UNAIDS.
  • Document production may be subject to the concept approval by the UNAIDS’ Editorial Board, pre-publication review by the Virtual Editorial Panel and final clearance by the Chair of the Editorial Board. Refer to communication from DXD Programme in July 2013.
  • All publications must be tracked in detail for the purposes of annual inventory reporting, as per International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS).
  • Publications for global distribution must be sent to UNAIDS’ designated supplier in charge of warehousing and distribution of publications. Ad hoc and urgent shipment must be avoided to minimize cost.

Travel services

  • Procurement of travel services and tickets is organized centrally by HQ, and provision of transportation tickets is provided only by the designated suppliers. Exception to these arrangements must be obtained, as provided in the Travel Policy.