11.02 Vendor notification, debriefing and protest

Vendor notification

UNAIDS informs all bidders of the outcome of a formal competitive process by posting contract award information on the UNAIDS website where the tendering documents were posted.

Vendor debriefing

Unsuccessful bidders are allowed to request debriefing of their offers. UNAIDS will provide information about the weaknesses and strengths of their offer without comparison to any other offer received, and only with the purpose of providing feedback to suppliers to improve their responses in any further process in which they may be interested. UNAIDS will share any details about its evaluation scoring or ranking of the bidder’s proposal, nor is it obliged to do so.

Supplier protests

UNAIDS has adopted procurement policies that are designed to ensure that the procurement actions it undertakes are conducted in an open, fair and transparent manner and, wherever possible, in a way that maximizes competition.

Any potential supplier that believes that it has been treated unfairly during the solicitation, evaluation of bids or the awarding of contracts of a specific procurement action may file a complaint with the UNAIDS Ethics Office.

Before that, however, the supplier is encouraged to first attempt to resolve the issue by filing an objection with the UNAIDS division responsible for the procurement action.

If attempts with the division are unsuccessful—or if a supplier wishes to deal directly with the UNAIDS Senior Ethics Officer—the complainant may request consideration of the case by filing a complaint within the prescribed time limit.

The time limit is generally 10 working days from the day on which the basis of the complaint became known.