10.07 Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS)

In support of strengthening the implementation capacity of UNAIDS, a new mechanism—the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS)—is being introduced to facilitate the work of the technical and operational Divisions.

ACS is the contracting mechanism to enter into long term agreements with individuals to allow the creation of a pool of competent, preselected specialist consultants to undertake assignments on request.

ACS is intended for individuals only and its establishment process is the same as that of an LTA.  As for LTAs, the ACS are awarded based on a formal competitive process with clear responsibilities and selection mechanisms among the awarded contractors.

UNAIDS will use the ACS to select contractors with substantial professional experience in one or more of the fields relevant to the objectives of UNAIDS.

Benefits of the ACS

The ACS aims to transform the way that UNAIDS contracts out small-to-medium-sized assignments and how interested consultants can access future work opportunities.

The introduction of the ACS will ultimately reduce the number of tender processes, provide greater flexibility and choice for outsourcing work, and be an effective, fair and transparent contracting framework to meet ongoing operational demands.

Once selected, contractors will remain on an approved list for a maximum of three years, subject to satisfactory delivery of services.

The types of assignments covered by ACS may include (but are not limited to):
  • providing technical advice
  • evaluating funding applications and project proposals
  • preparing, appraising and reviewing project documentation
  • monitoring and evaluating projects
  • assisting with project management and stakeholder consultations
  • undertaking research and analysis
  • providing training workshops and seminars
  • participating in sector studies
  • undertaking feasibility and design missions
  • undertaking project or sectorial reviews.
Like LTAs, ACSs must have an established Focal Point for monitoring and reporting, and they must be reported to the Procurement Coordinator, who will keep an inventory of available ACSs.