10.04 Purchase orders for Goods

Purchase Orders for Goods (PO) are contracts used for the acquisition of goods and equipment (including products such as fuel in bulk or for storage, computer software and publications).

The PO must include detailed specification of the goods or services being procured, as well as quantities, unit prices and the delivery schedule. If necessary, a detailed description of the items may be attached.

A PO must be accompanied by a copy of the relevant packing and shipping instructions, as well as the general conditions for goods.

  • A PO can also be used to place orders against an existing LTA.
  • A PO can also be used to procure services when they are minor part of a larger contract involving goods, such as maintenance services in relation to purchase of equipment.
  • The UNAIDS PO form is the WHO’s Purchase Order generated by the ERP, and it should always be used.