10.01 Overview

A contract is a legally binding document between UNAIDS and a supplier. It defines, at a minimum, the following:
  • a description of the product or service being procured;
  • the quantity being procured;
  • the contract or unit price;
  • the validity period;
  • the conditions to be fulfilled;
  • the terms of delivery and payment; and
  • the legal name and address of the supplier.
A written contract must be issued by UNAIDS to formalize an obligation for all procurement actions, regardless of the value. Standard UNAIDS Purchase Orders or Contractual forms must always be used

Contractual documents of suppliers of specific types of services (such as utilities), may be approved and would require clearance by the UNAIDS Legal Advisor.

Modifications and additions to the UNAIDS standard contract formats (including annexes) should not be made without prior consultation with the Procurement Coordinator and, where necessary the UNAIDS legal advisor. 

Care must be taken to avoid including any requirements or conditions in the documents that contradict the UNAIDS general and contractual conditions, or the standard text of any of the templates.

Any intended use of the UNAIDS logo for purposes of ensuring greater visibility for the Secretariat must be cleared through the Communications and Global Advocacy Department.