01.01 Purpose and application

The UNAIDS1  Procurement manual provides essential information and procedures to be followed for the procurement of goods and services. The Procurement manual will provide guidance and assistance to staff as they pursue procurement activities, helping them to maintain the consistency and integrity of the process and best value for money in achieving UNAIDS objectives.

The Procurement manual recognizes the need for UNAIDS to operate effectively within the “Delivering as One” UN environment.  It aims to:
  • update UNAIDS procedures to align these fully with evolving United Nations (UN) procurement practices; and
  • clarify existing procedures and incorporate current best practices in public procurement in UNAIDS policies and procedures.
The Procurement manual consists of two parts:
  • an overall reference guide, including an overall introduction and a statement of UNAIDS procurement policies, principles and operational guidelines; and
  • a toolbox, including forms, templates, guidelines and other source documents (these tools are listed under “Relevant templates” heading at the end of each chapter, where applicable).
The Procurement manual will be updated on a regular basis and supplemented, as necessary, with guidance notes and standard operating procedures (SOPs). It is not, however, a step-by-step guide on how to enter procurement actions in the ERP.

The Procurement manual is organized sequentially in line with the procurement process and the Harmonized table of contents approved by the High Level Committee on Management (HLCM) procurement network.

UNAIDS refers to UNAIDS Secretariat in this document.