Procurement Manual

Welcome to the UNAIDS Procurement Manual.

The UNAIDS Procurement Manual is the document providing authoritative information regarding hte procurement policies and procedures in UNAIDS Secretariat.

This page will allow you to browse and discover the manual either by reading each one of its sections in sequence following this way the procurement process natural timeline or by directly jumping to any particular section that you want to consult.

The Procurement Manual includes in each section relevant templates or additional guidance.  These templates and guidelines will be referenced in the relevant text and also summarized at the end of each chapter.

You may want to print a relevant section of the manual, however please keep in mind that only the online version is the authoritative source of information for procurement policies.

The Procurement Manual is maintained by PFA Department, in case of any difficulty or if you want to report a problem please contact 

Version history:

22-Dec-2015 Changes to template section 17.02 and 17.04 and templates PT.17.06 and PT.17.09  to separate the report and the clearance.
24-Apr-2015 Publication of the manual.
15-Feb-2016 Changes to section 10.03.01 to include requirement for clearance from HRM for APWs with Individuals.
16-Dec-2016 Changes to sections 16.02 and 16.06 to establish the Asset Accountability Policy.
Changes to sections 16.07 to change the PDC composition.        
Addition of disposal timelines in section 16.06